Various Artists - SuperFunk Vol. 5: SuperFunk Is Back, Rare And Classic Funk 1968-1977 [2LP]

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1. Just Sitting
2. Can't Get Enough
3. She's the One
4. Hi Off Life
5. Home Brew
6. Give Me Another Chance
7. I Got Hurt, Pt. 1 
8. I Got Hurt, Pt. 2 
9. Turn Around and Go 
10. Let a Woman Be a Woman -- Let a Man Be a Man [Alternate Take] 
11. Twine Time 
12. Face to Face 
13. Shake a Leg 
14. Can't Buy Soul 
15. Low Rider (Deuce & a Quarter) [Alternate Take] 
16. Who Done It? Who Drained the Pool
17. Mother Popcorn 
18. Little Boy Blue 
19. You'd Be Good for Me 
20. Hold On 
21. Free the Soul Man

Since it first appeared on the scene in 1999, Super Funk has become a market leader in the release of rare and previously unreleased cuts aimed firmly at the deep funk dancefloor.

Super Funk is back after three years absence, with its best volume musically and some of the scene’s absolute rarest records.

These are joined by some underplayed classics and an amazing eight unreleased monsters.

Of the rarities, the Uniques’ ultra-expensive ‘Give Me Another Chance’ has been creating the most fuss.

Only one copy of this record has been found and was snapped up by DJ Ian Wright for $3000 and is currently filling dance floors the world over.

‘Hi Off Life’ by the Eternal Flames is almost as rare, with only a small handful of this excellent slice of Ghetto Funk ever having turned up. Produced by Fatback’s Bill Curtis, the band were a bunch of Queens teenagers aiming for their one shot at glory, which never came. Smithtonian’s ‘Just Sitting’, a glorious slice of hip hop-style funk, is so rare because it is the B-side of a record that only turns up as a one (A) sided promo; it is so sought-after because it is so good.

So put the record on the turntable, turn the sound up high and enjoy the notes.

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