Various Artists - Southern Funkin': Louisana Funk And Soul 1967-1979 [2LP]

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1. SOUL FEELING PART 1 - Eddy 'G' Giles
2. SOUL BROTHERS TESTIFY PART 1 - Chester Randle's Soul Senders
3. SOUL POWER - Abraham & the Casanovas
4. BE A MAN - Dynamic Adam & His Excitements
5. STOP! - Camille 'Lil' Bob
6. MISS HARD TO GET - Dennis Landry
7. EVERYBODY'S DOING IT - Freddie Love
8. ONE DAY - Tabby Thomas
9. BLACK WATER GOLD - The African Music Machine
10. CONCENTRATION - Dennis Landry
11. NO SAD TIMES - Johnny Truit
12. HELL OR HIGH WATER - Katie Webster
13. I GOT A GROOVE - JJ Caillier with Dalton Francis and the Flaming Arrows
14. CRAZY GIRL PART 1 - Freddie Love with the Notables
15. PROUD MAN - Donnie Jacobs
16. PUT IT ON - Count Rockin' Sidney with the Dukes
17. SOUL TIME - Ernest Thomas
18. FIX IT - Clifton White & His Royal Knights
19. I'M GONNA PUT MY FOOT DOWN - Bill Parker
20. BURY THE HATCHET - Count Rockin' Sidney
21. WISH YOU WERE HERE - Leroy Soileau
22. SOUL FEELING PART 2 - Eddy 'G' Giles

None of these 22 Louisiana funk/soul obscurities (none of which postdate 1975) were on big labels. And almost none of the performers have any name recognition value among general listeners, with the possible exception of "Count" Rockin' Sidney (better known as the zydeco artist of "My Toot Toot" fame) and Katie Webster. That doesn't mean that such material isn't of possible interest, of course. But the questions that arise are: is it good, and does it have a distinct regional identity? Those are hard to answer with authority. Whatever it is, this soul-bleeding-into-funk crossover is solid.

This compilation rounds up the best releases of the important labels within in the Louisiana black music scene, such as ANLA/Goldband, Maison De Soul, Murco and Soul Unlimited.

You have to take the music of the Cajun Bayous home if you're a fan of dirty groovin'.

Various Artists - Southern Funkin': Louisana Funk And Soul 1967-1979 [2LP]

Various Artists - Southern Funkin': Louisana Funk And Soul 1967-1979 [2LP]
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