Various Artists - For Dancers Also [LP]

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  1. Mary Love- Lay This Burden Down 
  2. Vernon Garrett- If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time 
  3. Z.Z. Hill- You Just Cheat And Lie 
  4. The Sweethearts- Beauty Is Just Skin Deep 
  5. Yvonne Baker- My Baby Needs Me 
  6. Danny Monday- Good Taste Of Love 
  7. Mel Williams- Can It Be Me 
  8. Jimmy Bee- Wanting You 
  9. Booker T. Averhart* & The Mustangs- Take Your Shoes Off 2 
  10. The Other Brothers (2)- Hole In The Wall 
  11. Lowell Fulson- Talkin' Woman 
  12. Willie Gauff & The Love Brothers- Everybody Needs Love 
  13. Vernon Garrett- Running Out 
  14. The Johnny Otis- Show Country Girl 
  15. Jackie Day- What Kind Of Man Are You 
  16. Mary Love- I'm In Your Hands

Like its earlier sister compilation For Dancers Only, For Dancers Also is a grab bag of soul tracks (16 in total) originally issued on the Kent/Modern family of labels in the mid to late '60s.

Kent/Modern soul releases, with some exceptions, weren't too commercially successful when first issued, and the label didn't cultivate one of the stronger company identities or rosters among '60s soul labels.

In part it's because even the generic Kent/Modern soul sides were well suited for midtempo dancing, which is a big deal among the Northern soul aficionados in the U.K. who collect this stuff.

So to you Northen Souls this is the album to bag and brag.

Various Artists - For Dancers Also [LP]

Various Artists - For Dancers Also [LP]
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