Sugar Ray - Lemonade and Brownies (20th Anniversary) [LP] (180G)
Sugar Ray - Lemonade and Brownies (20th Anniversary) [LP] (180G)

Sugar Ray - Lemonade and Brownies (20th Anniversary) [LP] (180G)

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Track Listings:

Side A
1) Snug Harbor        
2) Rhyme Stealer     
3) Iron Mic    
4) Hold Your Eyes    
5) The Greatest        
6) Big Black Woman
7) Mean Machine     
Side B
1) Dance Party USA 
2) 10 Seconds Down           
3) Danzig Needs A Hug
4) Drive By   
5) Caboose    
6) Scuzzboots           
7) Streaker

Limited 20th Anniversary 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP pressing. Sugar Ray became widely known through their infectious Pop single 'Fly' and a consequent lighter musical direction displayed by songs like 'Every Morning', 'Someday' and 'When It's Over'. However, at Sugar Ray's earliest conception, they were a Rock/Metal band at heart, with enough goofy energy to land them a deal with Atlantic and a debut record produced by DJ Lethal. Lemonade and Brownies was released in 1995, and it showcases Sugar Ray in their most youthful and idealistic phase. Their major-label debut is a competent set of Alternative Funk/Metal, with a few Punk anthems to boot. Even though the album did not chart, the band stayed on the label going on to huge success a few years later. DJ Lethal (of Limp Bizkit fame) produced the album. Named one of the sexiest covers art in the history of recorded music, actress Nicole Eggert (known for her role in the insanely popular 1990s TV drama series Baywatch) is featured on the cover.

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