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Silverchair - Freak Show [2LP]

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1 Slave 3:57
2 Freak 3:49
3 Abuse Me 4:03
4 Lie To Me 1:22
5 No Association 3:56
6 Cemetery 4:04
7 The Door 3:37
8 Pop Song For Us Rejects 3:15
9 Learn To Hate 4:19
10 Petrol & Chlorine 3:59
11 Roses 3:34
12 Nobody Came 6:11
13 The Closing 3:25

When Silverchair first came into the scene in '95, people often compared these three teenagers from Newcastle to the Seattle sound and Grunge bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana or Soundgarden.

Silverchair released their sophomore record FreakShow in 1997. This album changed the sound of the band ever so slightly, and saw them go in a little bit of a heavier direction. And to think that these guys were only 17 and 18 when then wrote and recorded this is amazing.

This album shows Silverchair growing signifigantly, both musically and creatively. It's angry, pure, loud, but most of all, fun. 
FreakShow may not have Pearl Jam shaking in thier boots, but, truthfully, anything here beats anything from thier last 2 albums, so you do the math. A Solid LP.

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