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Metallica - Garage INC. [Vinyl 3LP]

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A clearinghouse of every must-hear cover song Metallica recorded, Garage Inc. includes 1987’s original $5.98 EP, early and mid-period B-sides, live takes, and 11 more merciless tracks made exclusively for this multi-platinum 1998 collection. Garage Inc. is a great reminder that for all their success, Metallica's heart still lays not only in their music, but in the music of their roots. 
Metallica puts memorable spins on classics from the likes of Black Sabbath, Bob Seger, the Misfits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, among others. These songs coincide with the metal titans' 1987 takes on their influences as well as a number of prized B-sides recorded from 1986 through 1992. 
As an added bonus, four Motorhead covers, recorded raw and live in the studio, round out this blistering set. Garage Inc. is arguably the best record Metallica released between 1992 and 2003!
Metallica Garage Inc. Track Listing:
1. Free Speech For The Dumb 
2. It's Electric 
3. Sabra Cadabra 
4. Turn The Page 
5. Die, Die My Darling 
6. Loverman 
7. Mercyful Fate 
1. Astronomy 
2. Whiskey In The Jar 
3. Tuesday's Gone 
4. The More I See 
5. Helpless 
6. The Small Hours 
7. The Wait 
8. Crash Course In Brain Surgery 
9. Last Caress/Green Hell 
1.  Am I Evil? 
2.  Blitzkrieg 
3.  Breadfan 
4.  The Prince 
5.  Stone Cold Crazy 
6.  So What 
7.  Killing Time 
8.  Overkill 
9.  Damage Case 
10. Stone Dead Forever 
11. Too Late Too Late 
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