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Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 1 [2LP]

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1. Creation & Destruction 
2. Dominant Species 
3. Positive Balance 
4. The Getaway 
5. Beef And Broccoli 
6. No Me Importa 
7. Top Of The Food Chain Rmx 
8. The Poverty Of Philosophy 
9. Revolutionary 
10. Spend Some Time (Rmx) 
11. Dance With The Devil / Untitled Hidden Track 
12. The Prophecy 
13. Understand Why 
14. No Mercy 
15. The Illest 
16. Speak Your Mind

Not since hip-hop pioneer Chuck D, has there been politically fueled lyrics displayed with such truth, consciousness, and vulgarity as the latest and greatest thing to hit the underground rap/hip-hop scene. Immortal Technique delivers his message so effectively, that you are forced to reckon with his thoughts. Regardless of whether you believe what he says, his lyrics contain a fundamental value of truth that most people should be aware of. After listening to the album, it is obvious that he is a very smart individual. He spews out opinions, sometimes brash and hard to swallow, but he always comes back with a solid platform to justify his anger and concern with the U.S. government, black and Latinos, self-righteous vegetarians, his ignorant peers, and the harsh reality of street life.

Aside from the mind blowing lyrical content, Immortal Technique throws together some killer beats. Several of the loops contain music from the classical genre, sampling many string instruments. The symphonic/hip-hop beats provide a suitable pallet for his densely constructed word flow. Despite it's low production costs, the beats and lyrics on "Revolutionary, Vol. 1" are nothing short of revolutionary.

The album flows together very well, never allowing room for filler. One of the most riveting tracks on the album is "The Poverty of Philosophy". He doesn't actually "rap" here at all. It is more of a social commentary that he uses to expose lies of the U.S. government, third world countries, and his black and Latino heritage. The Peruvian-born rapper even states that he has more in common with working, middle class white people, than he does with rich black and Latino people. The 10 minute epic "Dance With the Devil" is the most disturbing track on the album, conveying true vulgarity of gang related subject matter. Immortal Technique tackles other issues on "Beef & Broccoli". He attacks self-righteous vegetarians that force their opinions of animal rights on others, in a humorous way.

In the age of MTV and the radio filling the air waves with re-hashed crap, especially where rap is concerned, underground hip-hop deserves our attention more then ever before. Artists like Immortal Technique are what keeps this genre alive, not groups like G-Unit and 50 Cent. We need more social consciousness in the political hip-hop world. If you like this CD, you will probably like "Revolutionary, Vol. 2" even more. There is a breathtaking step-up in the production value that listeners may enjoy more if the beats were to skeletal for their liking on "Vol. 1". No doubt that if you listen to the lyrics on this album, you too will find it revolutionary as well.

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