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Gossip - Music For Men [2LP]

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A1 Dimestore Diamond 3:15
A2 Heavy Cross 4:02
A3 8th Wonder 3:16
B1 Love Long Distance 4:24
B2 Pop Goes The World 3:25
B3 Vertical Rhythm 3:48

C1 Men In Love 3:40
C2 For Keeps 4:06
C3 2012 3:49
D1 Love And Let Love 3:31
D2 Four Letter Word 3:48
D3 Spare Me From The Mold 2:27

The appropriately named Gossip have finally made their way to a major label; an accomplishment thanks largely in part to the gossip surrounding lead singer Beth Ditto. Ditto, an overweight fashion icon that appeared nude and unpolished on the cover of NME magazine in 2007 has been making headlines ever since. Ditto's fame coupled with Gossip's breakout album in 2005 with Standing in the Way of Control and a tour with The White Stripes was enough to earn them a move from independent label Kill Rock Stars to Columbia Records.

With their first mainstream release, Gossip still holds true to their underground punk sound. The guitar is raw and the drums are punchy, but lack the in your face kick and snare of most modern releases. The real clarity is given to Beth Ditto's vocals that may not be as refined as Ann Wilson or Pat Benetar, but share a similar power and energy. For a band looking to perfect their sound without losing the edge that got them to where they are, producer Rick Rubin was the perfect choice.

With the first three tracks on Music for Men, Gossip gives new, skeptical listeners a taste of all of their strengths. Gossip opens their album with "Dimestore Diamond," where slapback vocals and a prominent bass groove provide a perfect introduction to this band and definitely creates a curiosity of what else they have to offer. While the album's tempo may start slow, the second track, "Heavy Cross," opens with guitars reminiscent of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" and gradually brings in a disco feel that was common in Gossip's past releases. Then, with track three, "8th Wonder" shows off Gossip's true underground punk sound. The remainder of the album plays to each of these strengths and even introduces hints of things to come on tracks like "Vertical Rhythm" and "2012" where more refined guitar and drum tracks lead the way, but the vocals remain distinctly present.

Music for Men, Gossip's fourth studio album, is not for everyone, but their fan base will no doubt grow exponentially from this point forward. It is unlikely that Gossip will ever be a chart topping band, but like fellow Kill Rock Stars label graduates, Sleater-Kinney, that might just be the way they like it.

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