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Fuzz - Fuzz II [2LP]

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1. Time Collapse Pt.II / The 7th Terror    
2. Rat Race    
3. Let It Live    
4. Pollinate    
5. Bringer Of Light    
6. Pipe    
7. Say Hello    
8. Burning Wreath    
9. Red Flag    
10. Jack The Maggot    
11. New Flesh    
12. Sleestak    
13. Silent Sits The Dust Bowl    
14. II

2nd album from San Francisco trio who lay down massive slabs of semi-melodic psychedelic metal rock built around the distorted power of three synthesizers and one blazing, trippy-assed guitar. Sweet, blistering bluesy riffs mix with hallucinogenic vocal harmonies in a kaleidoscopic nova-explosion of heavy-handed paisley rock. Features former members of The Epsilons. Recalls bands like Black Sabbath, Bubble Puppy, Uncle Acid, Sir Lord Baltimore, Temples, Tame Impala, Blue Cheer. “II” is an album that will rumble the room and penetrate your body & brain with the druggy purity of its freaked-out rock brilliance. Get high get now!

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