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Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Bandana Beats [Vinyl LP]

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Freddie Gibbs and Madlib first connected on their 2014 universally-acclaimed collaborative album Piñata, which was celebrated on the street and by critics. The duo's seamless collaboration juxtaposes two giant talents: Madlib, the prolific producer with a record collection from all genres and eras, an adept sampler, peer to the late J Dilla and foil for Doom with whom he created the landmark Madvillainy. Freddie Gibbs, the gravel-voiced braggadocios rapper, a vocal athlete, a star-on-the-rise knocked off course who refused to give up and has since offered some of the most compelling rap music in the past 10 years. 2019's Bandana picked up right where their first album left off, as Madlib chops up vintage samples into a complex soundscape that only a lyricist of Freddie's caliber could match in flow and tenacity. As a pair, Gibbs and Madlib exude a natural chemistry and craft an alchemical music, appealing to everyone on the hip-hop spectrum. Bandana Beats presents the heartbeat of their latest collaboration.

  1. Obrigado (Instrumental)
  2. Freestyle Shit (Instrumental)
  3. Half Manne Half Cocaine (Instrumental)
  4. Crime Pays (Instrumental)
  5. Massage Seats (Instrumental)
  6. Palmolive (Instrumental)
  7. Fake Names (Instrumental)
  8. Flat Tummy Tea (Instrumental)
  9. Situations (Instrumental)
  10. Giannis (Instrumental)
  11. Practice (Instrumental)
  12. Cataracts (Instrumental)
  13. Gat Damn (Instrumental)
  14. Education (Instrumental)
  15. Soul Right (Instrumental)
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