Die Antwoord - TEN$ION [LP]

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01. Never Le Nkemise 1 
02. I Fink U Freeky (I Think You’re Freaky) 
03. Pielie (Skit) 
04. Hey Sexy 
05. Fatty Boom Boom 
06. Zefside Zol (Interlude) 
07. So What? 
08. Uncle Jimmy (Skit) 
09. Baby’s On Fire 
10. U Make A Ninja Wanna F-ck 
11. Fok Julle Naaiers (English: F-ck You All) 
12. DJ Hi-Tex Rulez 
13. Never Le Nkemise 2


This band is quite arresting. Hailed from South of Africa, Die Antwoord came shockingly into the scene on many levels but theres one thing that may buffer the intensity of their music package, that it is very very addictive.

Forget Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll cos they toyed with all that like a yo-yo while on roller skates. After their first album, I figured I can literally place them in any scene and they'll just pop it like its theirs.

Now don't get me wrong but this is as fresh as it can get for some sort of a new addiction. It's explicitly wild and profound. The album gets better because it grows on you without even begging.

Honestly it's quite hard to get your hands on their albums but we go hard for you. This might change your classic touch on things or your mates will start to find you freaky.

Whatever it is, we'd love to see you on the zef side. We know you got guts.

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