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Cyndi Lauper - True Colors [LP]




  1. Change Of Heart  4:24  
  2. Maybe He'll Know  4:24  
  3. Boy Blue  4:45  
  4. True Colors  3:46  
  5. Calm Inside The Storm  3:54  
  6. What's Going On  4:38  
  7. Iko Iko  2:10  
  8. The Faraway Nearby  2:59  
  9. 911  3:15  
  10. One Track Mind  3:39 

This album is awesome. Cyndi does a much better job singing. Practically every song is unforgettable. Her voice successfully conquers every imaginable musical style.

There is quite a bit of variety in style here, even though it's all 1986 synth pop, it's varied pop. Cyndi continues to demonstrate her strong vocal ability while not losing touch with the quality of the music. Her voice and the music never outdo each other, but compliment instead. You don't find that much with today's singers who prefer to sacrifice songwriting and musical ability for obnoxious vocal acrobatics

Not as wild as She's So Unusual, True Colors shows a less crazy Lauper, but one whose unique sweet Betty Boop-ish vocals have developed to become more tender "True Colors" and poignant "What's Going On". Still, on the better tracks, Cyndi acquits herself above average, thanks to her vocal talent and help from some friends.