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Converge - Petitioning Forever [2LP]




A1 The Saddest Day 
A2 Forsaken 
A3 Albatross 
A4 Dead 
A5 Shingles 
B1 Buried But Breathing 
B2 Farewell Note To This City 
B3 Color Me Blood Red 
B4 Love As Arson (Alternate Version) 

C1 My Unsaid Everything 
C2 The High Cost Of Playing God 
C3 In Harms Way 
C4 Conduit 
C5 The Lowest Common Denominator 
D1 Towing Jehovah 
D2 When Forever Comes Crashing 
D3 Ten Cents 
D4 Year Of The Swine 
D5 Letterbomb 
D6 Love As Arson (Original Version) 
D7 Bitter And Then Some (Demo Version)