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Cigarettes After Sex - I. [Vinyl LP]

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Ambient pop collective Cigarettes After Sex is led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez and is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. Initially formed in 2008, the group has been host to a number of different musical collaborators, working through a variety of sounds since its inception.

In the spring of 2012, inspired by the Trinity Session, Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters, Mazzy Star and the sound of early ‘60s records like "I Love You How You Love Me" by the Paris Sisters, they recorded their first EP, I., live over the course of a single night in the stairway of a four story building. All songs were written by Gonzalez except "Starry Eyes" which was written by Roky Erickson. The proceedings were recorded by Wally Byers and mastered by Jason Martin.

"Cigarettes After Sex's sound is elemental, hazy, and romantic, but with a noir edge underneath Gonzalez's androgynous voice. As the band's name suggests, it's reminiscent of lying in bed, but its ambient qualities don't prevent it from being music you can dance to." – Noisey

  1. Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby
  2. I'm A Firefighter
  3. Dreaming of You
  4. Starry Eyes
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