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Boy Pablo - Wachito Rico [Vinyl LP]

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The artistic project of 21 year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nicolas Muñoz, the debut LP from Boy Pablo takes its title from a Chilean expression that translates to fondness for a "handsome boy." A hybrid conceptual and autobiographical record, it traces the ebbs and flows of the titular character's love story while threading this narrative through with the the Norwegian bedroom pop sensation's own experiences as a young person, blurring the identities of Wachito Rico and the real life Nicolas Muñoz into one curious, indistinguishable whole. "Honey" puts Pablo's artistic development since the breakout success of his viral 2017 single "Everytime" on full display, showing off an increasing confidence in the studio away from the lo-fi bedroom recordings of his youth. Fusing lush production with jangly, sun-kissed 60s melodies, subtle notes of MPB and bossa nova that nod to Pablo's Latin-American background and a dreamy chorus, "Honey" is Boy Pablo's most psychedelic-leaning track to date. 

  1. I Hope She Loves Me Back
  2. Hey Girl
  3. Leave Me Alone!
  4. Honey
  5. Rest Up
  6. Te Yas // Don't Go
  7. Aleluya
  8. Come Home
  9. Mustache
  10. Vamos a la Playa
  11. Wachito Rico
  12. Nowadays
  13. I <3 U
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