Best Coast - Crazy For You (Vinyl LP)

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A1 Boyfriend 2:35
A2 Crazy For You 1:54
A3 The End 2:43
A4 Goodbye 2:42
A5 Summer Mood 2:28
A6 Our Deal 2:11
B1 I Want To 2:50
B2 When The Sun Don't Shine 2:19
B3 Bratty B 1:43
B4 Honey 3:06
B5 Happy 1:45
B6 Each And Everyday 2:51

Best Coast's debut record is a lovely little scuzzy pop gem. The band has been building a substantial buzz over the last year or so with a string of underground hit singles and splits, and now they've finally unleashed their first great work to the hungry masses. Best Coast, as the name implies, is a beach-inspired pop outfit, blending fuzzy melodies and simple, lovelorn lyrics to great effect. Crazy For You recalls the kind of heartsick feelings of teenage years, a simpler and more powerful time that we all long for again at some point.

Lead singer Bethany Cosentino has a penchant for writing songs about lounging and longing that stand in stark contrast to the pioneers of women in rock. Emphasising a more lo fi garage pop sound opposed to the overproduced sheen of The Only Place. The catchiness of all of these songs on here make it hard to pick favourites but "I Want you" finds a wonderful balance between Phil Spector's wall of sound pop and The Ramones early punk. And the scrappiness of "Bratty B" and the Nirvanaesque distortion in "Goodbye" make Bethany sound like the most loveable 21st century Riot Grrl. Music this great should never be relegated to the guilty pleasure spot in anyones album collection.

Get this album in this never-ending summer here in Singapore and you have all the liberty to avoid the race and just be sloppy.

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