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The Ataris - End Is Forever [LP]




A1 Giving Up On Love 
A2 Summer Wind Was Always Our Song 
A3 I.O.U. One Galaxy 
A4 Bad Case Of Broken Heart 
A5 Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start 
A6 Road Signs And Rock Songs 
A7 If You Really Want To Hear About It...

B1 Fast Times At Drop-Out High 
B2 Song For A Mix Tape 
B3 You Need A Hug 
B4 How I Spent My Summer Vacation 
B5 Teenage Riot 
B6 Song #13 
B7 Hello And Goodbye

End Is Forever is the third full release on Kung-Fu Records by The Ataris in 2001. The album features a mix of punk and pop punk similar to the band's previous works along with catchy pop rhythms. It contains lyrics that span nostalgia, growing up, love, relationships, and singer Kris Roe's childhood. End is Forever is notable for its many pop culture references and numerous lyrics that Roe describes as having "hidden meanings" encoded within.