Adrian Younge - Black Dynamite [LP] (Picture Disc)

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A1       Black Dynamite Theme       
A2       Cleaning Up The Streets     
A3       Man With The Heat (Superbad)    
A4       Shine 
A5       Jimmy's Dead           
A6       Shot Me In The Heart          
A7       Black They Back       
A8       Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)         
B1       Anaconda Malt Liquor         
B2       Jimmy's Apartment  
B3       Jimmy's Dead (Interlude)   
B4       Chicago Wind           
B5       Rafelli Chase 
B6       Jimmy's Dead (Instrumental)        
B7       Dynomite (Suckapunch Re-Edit)   
B8       Anaconda Unscrew You (Bonus Track)     
B9       Jimmy's Apartment (Bonus Track - Alternative Version)
B10     Life Of A Hustler (Bonus Track)     
B11     Tears I Cry (Bonus Track)


Pic disc version of the Black Dynamite OST.

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