311 - Soundsystem [2LP]
311 - Soundsystem [2LP]

311 - Soundsystem [2LP]

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A1 Freeze Time 
A2 Come Original 
A3 Large In The Margin 
B1 Flowing 
B2 Can't Fade Me 
B3 Life's Not A Race

C1 Strong All Along 
C2 Sever 
C3 Eons 
D1 Evolution 
D2 Leaving Babylon 
D3 Mindspin 
D4 Livin' And Rockin'


Coming off the more experimental double album transistor, 311 make a more straight forward rock record with Soundsystem. Maybe rocking a little harder than the blue album and maybe rocking harder than before but there's a little bit for everyone on this album. Reggae slow jams, and weird out there trippy experimental songs to the hard hitting melodic mixed with a little hip hop rock songs their know for. Some songs almost going into metal almost Metallica and Iron Maiden vibe with Tim on the guitars but always keeping the 311 vibe. Sort of mixing the vibe of the blue album and transistor album , meaning the heaviest of the blue album but the trippiness and experimental part of the transistor album while going into new territory.

Easily one of their strongest and most well-rounded efforts. 311's sound gets copied, synthed, and borrowed, but it never gets old. This is definitely worth buying for longtime 311 fans.

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