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What do you get when your throw grown-ass men and women in a room? Awkward silences. Believe us, it happens even to the baddest motherfaaarrkers.

So we opened a barbershop in Geylang. And at first, were pretty content with the sounds of snipping scissors, the throat-clearing, bottle-breaking, GaninabucheeEbAIBUSTED-screaming and the “Thai/Chinese/Hokkien/Tamil/Vietnamese/Malay all fused into one kinda” ambient sounds from the surrounding holes in the wall. But soon, the silences in between became unbearable. There was only so much small talk we could do. We needed good music. 
So we started playing good music.

Little by little, we noticed a strange Pied Piper thing happening. People actually liked the shit we were playing. They came to listen, they asked questions, conversations about sick choons began sprouting up around the shop. Silences were no longer deafening, but now signalled the next record being put on. It was magic. 
It was rock ’n’ roll.

It didn’t mean all that much to us until one day, a French woman walked in and insisted on buying a vinyl we were playing. C’est Chic! (Yeah, that’s what it was). So we sold it to her. To date, we’ve sold XXX other vinyls to more crazy bitches - all randomly, tres chance. We love what music does to people. It’s the same kind of voodoo a good haircut has on someone. And that’s fARKkin gerek.

What started as a necessity, is now another showcase of The Panic Room love. Totally serendipitous - like all good songs are meant to be. I guess we just struck the right chord. Now we’re no Rick Dees, no Tower Records, no Spotify - the only hits we know come in a shot glass and smells like tequila. What we do know is music that moves. I mean, they’re the bands, tunes and albums that speak to us, that we grew up on, that we still gelek-gelek to. They’re personally curated by us - a bunch of old souls who can’t do awkward silences right. Come take a look at the albums, and if the titles sound foreign, don’t be shy about asking. We’ll match music to haircut to occasion, even. Because handsome is a state of being - and you should be able to touch it, hear it and feel it in your bones.

The Barbershop Music. The tune has changed but the song remains the same.