Slipknot - 5: The Gray Chapter [2LP]

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A1 XIX 3:10
A2 Scarcastrophe 5:06
A3 AOV 5:33
B1 The Devil In I 5:43
B2 Killpop 3:45
B3 Skeptic 4:47

C1 Lech 4:50
C2 Goodbye 4:35
C3 Nomadic 4:18
C4 The One That Kills The Least 4:12
D1 Custer 4:14
D2 Be Prepared For Hell 1:58
D3 The Negative One 5:25
D4 If Rain Is What You Want 6:21

Heavy, brutal, full of energy, aka what Iowa was. For those of you and myself who were patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the return of Slipknot after the general letdown of All Hope is Gone, you will NOT be disappointed. Rest assured that this is classic Slipknot from a decade+ ago. Slipknot is back in full force and this has to be one of the only bands out there that has this kind of talent to actually go back in time so far to actually sound as brutal as they were from their first 3 albums. This album, like Iowa, needs to be cranked at high volumes and here are the songs you will definitely want to make your neighbors unhappy with.

Slipknot - 5: The Gray Chapter [2LP]

Slipknot - 5: The Gray Chapter [2LP]
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