Black Label Society - The Blessed Hellride [LP]

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A1 Stoned And Drunk 
A2 Doomsday Jesus 
A3 Stillborn 
A4 Suffering Overdue 
A5 The Blessed Hellride
B1 Funeral Bell 
B2 Final Solution 
B3 Destruction Overdrive 
B4 Blackened Waters 
B5 We Live No More 
B6 Dead Meadow

The Blessed Hellride is the fourth studio album by Black Label Society. It contains a mix of heavy (Stoned and Drunk, Stillborn) and lighter (The Blessed Hellride, Dead Meadow) tunes. 

The second track "Doomsday Jesus" was featured on the soundtrack to the game MTX: Mototrax, but with altered lyrics. 

The third track "Stillborn" is featured on the soundtrack of the game Guitar Hero: World Tour, Zakk Wylde was also a playable celebrity rockstar in that same game. 

Ozzy Osbourne appears on the first single "Stillborn," though his name was not used to promote the track. He is credited inside the booklet, however, due to Ozzy being on Sony Records at the time, Spitfire Records were not allowed to promote this song with Osbourne's name - a sticker on the cover of the album said "featuring special guest star." 

The Japanese bonus track "F.U.N." is a joke song, presumably recorded while Zakk and Craig Nunenmacher were horsing around in the studio. The song's lyrics poke fun at the cheesiest of the 1980s hairband's "party" lyrics. 

A song called "No Other" was recorded, mixed, and mastered for this album, however, it remained unreleased until the next album, "Hangover Music Vol. VI."

Black Label Society - The Blessed Hellride [LP]

Black Label Society - The Blessed Hellride [LP]
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