Mogwai - Rave Tapes [LP]

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  1. Heard About You Last Night    
  2. Simon Ferocious    
  3. Remurdered    
  4. Hexon Bogon    
  5. Repelish    
  6. Master Card    
  7. Deesh    
  8. Blues Hour    
  9. No Medicine For Regret    
  10. The Lord Is Out Of Control    
  11. Tell Everybody That I Love Them

If you have followed Mogwai for any length of time you will notice that while there are many constants in their music, there are also ideas that get used on one album and then left behind the next time. Sometimes a piano is more prevalent, or a 12 string, and here more electronica. And yes fairly prevalent.

Rave Tapes is the newest album from Mogwai, the Scottish five-piece that are known for their extreme volumes, intense guitar workouts, and post-rock soundscapes. It seems that a good portion of their original fans have been disappointed with their last few years of musical output. "It's not like Rock Action." "Why can't they go back to Come On Die Young?" Well, to them we say grow up.

Rave Tapes is a shining spot on Mogwai's already stellar musical discography. You'd be doing yourself a disservice writing this one off. Give it another spin. Or five.

Mogwai - Rave Tapes [LP]

Mogwai - Rave Tapes [LP]
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